Full Stack Developer

WordPress & WooCommerce Optimizer



A fast loading online presence is key for a successful business. Optimizing page speed continuously make your visitors happy.


Keep your website up to date is elementary for security reasons. Monitoring the health of your website safes you trouble.


Crafting individual web applications from scratch or extending existing ones. Using professional tools ease the process.



Website speed is essential to ensure the visitors have a good experience browsing your site and they get the infos they are searching for.

Choosing a fast hosting package, providing optimized images and caching are some of the factors to consider.

hosting // theme // compression // minification // caching // image optimization // lazy loading // cdn // …



Monitoring and maintaining a website/webshop is not a trivial task, but important to keep your site a safe place.

Let me take care of your WordPress or WooCommerce site to keep it fast and healthy.

core & theme & plugin updates // backups // malware scan // uptime & pagespeed monitoring // …



Development of individual web applications or extending an existing one based on your needs.

I’m developing software and web applications for over a decade – from WebApplications to Backend Services.

PHP // JavaScript // Laravel // Vue.js // Java // MySQL // …


Working fulltime on a mobile ticketing solution and a messaging solution. Managing and optimizing my own and several other WordPress and WooCommerce sites at uptimize.io.